updated 1-1-2022 Trades Since 12-15-2006 
Last 3 Yrs (19-21)
1 Brewers 35 BOS 53   LAD 52 LAD 37 LAD 45 LAD 20 MIN 30 BOS 34 LAD 18 LAD 7 LAD 11 LAD 1
2 Twins 35 LAA 44   KC 34 BOS 38 BOS 28 PIT 30 MIL 22 LAD 21 MIN 13 BOS 6 MIL 10 ATL 0
3 Pirates 27 MIL 37   MIL 38 PIT 22 MIN 17 LAA 17 LAD 19 MIL 14 BOS 11 MIN 12 MIN 7 MIN 3
4 Angels 27 KC 21   LAA 28 MIN 19 MIL 17 BAL 13 LAA 13 MIN 13 LAA 10 MIL 9 LAA 3 MIL 1
5 Red Sox 24 MIN 20   MIN 18 LAA 16 BAL 10 BOS 18 BAL 8 BAL 5 KC 5 BAL 5 KC 2 BAL 0
6 Cubs 22 BAL 18   BAL 11 KC 14 PIT 13 MIL 19 BOS 5 LAA 8 PIT 7 LAA 11 PIT 3 LAA 1
7 Dodgers 12 PIT 19   CHI 7 ATL 11 KC 8 KC 13 ATL 3 ATL 2 MIL 5 PIT 8 BOS 3 PIT 3
8 Royals 10 ATL 11   PIT 5 CHI 9 ATL 3 CHI 13 CHI 7 CHI 2 CHI 4 KC 2 BAL 1 KC 1
9 Braves 7 CHI 7   ATL 3 BAL 5 CHI 10 ATL 7 KC 3 PIT 3 ATL 1 ATL 0 CHI 1 ATL 0
10 Orioles 6 TEX 1   TEX 0 TEX 1 TEX 1 TEX 3 TEX 4 TEX 1 TEX 0 TEX 2 TEX 0 CHI 2
239 200 175 158 155 116 105 75 62 42 12
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2007   Traded Zito for Lester (3-way) BOS/LAA 2006 Traded M.Cabrera, C.Young (OF), Harden for Wright, Dumbon, 2nd, 3rd KC 2007 Traded Carmona for Dukes, 3rd LAD 2006 Traded J.Reyes for Berkman, C.Gonzalez, Tulowitzki, 1st, 3rd  KC 2007 Traded J.Upton, 1st for Webb, Lincecum, 3rd BOS 2012 Traded J.Johnson for Kinsler, Tex, Dahl, 1st MIN 2007 Traded Wright, Dumbon, 2nd, 3rd for M.Cabrera, C.Young (OF), Harden BOS 2008 Traded C.Hart for Weaver, Laroche BOS 2007 Traded Kendrick, Weaver for Utley, Halladay LAA 2007 Traded 1st for 5th, Salty, Cantu LAD 2016 Traded Bumgarner for F.Hernandez, Puig, Gallo, T.O'Neill, Kopech, Y.Ventura, Mondesi Jr LAD
2007   Traded Tejada, Sheets, 4th for B.J. Upton, E. Santana, 1st,2nd,5th  BOS 2006 Traded Webb, Lincecum, 3rd for J.Upton, 1st MIN 2007 Traded R.Hill, M.Young for Oswalt, 2nd BOS 2007 Traded E.Santana for Zito (3-way) BOS/LAD 2008 Traded Bruce for C.Beltran, Hughes LAA 2013 Traded BJ Upton for Jennings and I.Davis LAD 2007 Traded Berkman, C.Gonzalez, Tulowitzki, 1st, 3rd for J.Reyes  LAA 2008 Traded Greinke for Laporta, Supp BOS 2007 Traded Halladay, Holliday for J.Santana, 1st BOS 2007 Traded Smoltz for Zito LAA 2016 Traded #1 pick for Brinson CHI
2007   Traded 5th, Salty, Cantu for 1st ATL 2007 Traded Lester for E.Santana (3-way) LAD/LAA 2007 Traded Oswalt, Cano for Haren ATL 2007 Traded Utley, Halladay for Kendrick, Weaver CHI 2008 Traded Vitters for Guerra KC 2013 Traded Mauer, 1st for Rosario, Story, 2nd MIN 2007 Traded Cain, C. Young, 3rd for Delmon, Greinke BOS 2008 Traded Roberts, 3rd for Dunn, Bannister BOS 2008 Traded Byrnes for Aviles MIL 2007 Traded Garza for A.Miller, Jennings, Jeffress LAD 2016 Traded Groome for 2017-2020 1sts MIN
2007   Traded Dukes, 3rd for Carmona MIL 2007 Traded B.J. Upton, E. Santana, 1st,2nd,5th for Tejada, Sheets, and 4th LAD 2008 Traded Pujols, Ankiel, Adenhart for Rasmus, A.Miller, Ad.Jones ATL 2007 Traded Zito for Smoltz ATL 2008 Traded Lincecum, 3rd for Verlander, Delmon, 1st KC 2013 Traded Kinsler, Olt for Weeks and Cruz MIL 2007 Traded Carpenter, Hermida for Cain, C.Young BOS 2008 Traded Beltre for Zimmerman LAD 2009 Traded Hochevar for M.Bradley MIL 2007 Traded Haren for Oswalt, Cano MIL 2017 Traded Puig, Kimbrel for Gausman PIT
2007   Traded Ol.Perez, 2nd for Jeff Weaver LAA 2007 Traded Delmon and Greinke for Cain, C. Young, 3rd KC 2008 Traded Ad.Jones for Detwiler, Garza, 1st LAD 2007 Traded Teixeira for C.Young, H.Bailey KC 2008 Traded Marrero, Abreu for Moustakas BAL 2013 Traded J.Montero for A.Simmons LAD 2007 Traded C.Young, H.Bailey for Teixeira LAA 2008 Traded Moustakas for Marrero, Abreu MIN 2009 Traded M.Ordonez for M.Young MIL 2008 Traded Longoria for Chipper, Young, Supp MIN 2017 Traded Brinson, Kopech for S.Gray KC
2007   Traded A.Miller, D.Jennings, Jeffress for Garza ATL 2007 Traded J.Santana, 1st for Holliday, Halladay CHI 2008 Traded Weeks for B.Phillips LAD 2007 Traded C.Gomez for Garko BOS 2008 Traded Heyward, 1st for Tulowitzki LAA 2013 Traded Supp for J.Johnson and Supp MIN 2007 Traded Laroche for 3rd BOS 2008 Traded Blanton, 2-1sts for Supp LAA   Traded E.Andrus for V.Martinez LAD 2008 Traded  Rasmus, A.Miller, Ad.Jones for Pujols, Ankiel, Adenhart MIL 2017 Traded Goldy for Darvish, Price, Bour, Calhoun MIN
2007   Traded Crawford for McCutchen and Ubaldo BOS 2007 Traded Cain, C.Young for Carpenter, Hermida KC 2008 Traded Parra for 1st LAD 2007 Traded Dunn, Berkman, Lackey for Votto, Beltran, J.McGee, R.Hill, 1st BOS 2008 Traded 1st for Milledge LAA 2013 Traded Supp for Wacha MIN 2007 Traded Reyes, Harden, W.Davis for Holliday, J.Upton, M.Young BOS 2008 Traded Uggla, Volstad for C.Gonzalez, Dice-K LAA 2010 Traded Soto for T.Beckham and Wallace LAA 2009 Traded Hanson for Heyward, Scherzer MIL 2018 Traded Gausman for Puig PIT
2008   Traded Jeff Weaver for Detwiler BOS 2007 Traded 3rd for Laroche KC 2008 Traded Rios for C.Hart BOS 2007 Traded Jeff Weaver for Ol.Perez, 2nd LAD 2008 Traded Gordon, Moustakas for Kazmir BOS 2013 Traded Beltran and Corbin for Springer and Soler LAA 2008 Traded Guerra for Vitters MIN 2008 Traded Supp for Kendrick BOS 2011 Traded Chapman and Leake for Belt, Werth, Kipnis, Hicks, Espinoza LAD 2009 Traded Smoak for L.Mortison, D.Ortiz, Garza LAD 2019 Traded A.Mondesi for Paddack MIL
2008   Traded Shields, McCutchen for Triunfel, C.Gomez BOS 2007 Traded Garko for C.Gomez LAA 2008 Traded Aviles for Byrnes CHI 2007 Traded Verlander and Porcello for Wieters, Butler, B.Jacobs KC 2008 Traded Chipper, Young, Supp for Longoria ATL 2013 Traded Arenado for C.Martinez MIL 2008 Traded Kershaw, Laporta, 3rd for Buchholz BOS 2008 Traded WANG for G.Beckham MIN 2011 Traded Morneau, Utley, Supp for Beckham, Butler, Stanton, Chisenhall LAD 2009 Traded Heyward, 2nd for Crawford, Cano, Flowers LAD 2019 Traded Betances, Yates for R.Iglesias, M.Andujar LAA
2008   Traded R.Braun for F.Hernandez KC 2007 Traded Oswalt, 2nd for R.Hill, M.Young MIL 2008 Traded Posey and Soriano for BJ Upton BOS 2008 Traded Beltran, Hughes for Bruce MIN 2008 Traded G.Beckham for WANG BAL 2013 Traded Springer for J.Upton, Weaver, Lowrie LAA 2008 Traded F.Hernandez for R.Braun LAD 2008 Traded T.Beckham for Villalona MIN 2011 Traded Lester and Stanton for Votto and Machado BOS 2009 Traded Salty for H.Rondon LAD 2020 Traded Twins 2020 1st for S.Huff MIN
2008   Traded Detwiler, Garza, 1st for Ad.Jones MIL 2007 Traded Votto, Beltran, J.McGee, R.Hill, 1st for Dunn, Berkman, Lackey LAA 2008 Traded Peavy and a 3rd for C.Davis and a 2nd MIN 2008 Traded Tulo for Heyward, 1st MIN 2008 Traded Villalona for T.Beckham BAL 2013 Traded Wacha for Rosenthal, 1st Rd Pick, M.Franco LAD 2008 Traded Wieters, Butler, B.Jacobs for Verlander, Porcello LAA 2008 Traded Duchscherer and Laporta for Harden BOS 2011 Traded Shields for Zobrist, Moustakas, W.Myers BAL 2009 Traded Garza and Supp for Granderson, Drabek, 1st KC 2020 Traded A.Martin, R.Greene for Gregorius PIT
2008   Traded Ad.Jones, F.Morales for Kershaw BOS 2007 Traded McCutchen and Ubaldo for Crawford LAD 2008 Traded C.Davis and C.Hart and 2nd for P.Fielder and Fowler LAD 2008 Traded Supp for Blanton, 2 1sts BAL 2008 Traded Tulo, Delmon, Hughes for H.Ramirez LAD 2013 Traded J.Upton for E.Butler, M.Adams LAD 2008 Traded Verlander, Delmon, 1st for Lincecum, 3rd MIN 2008 Traded Dice-K and B.Anderson for A.Gonzalez, Marcum KC 2011 Traded A.Gordon and I.Kennedy for J.Hamilton and G.Gonzalez MIL 2010 Traded 1st (#2) for 2nd (#15) and Supp MIL 2020 Traded JJ Bleday for K.Jansen CHI
2008   Traded B.Phillips for Weeks MIL 2007 Traded Holliday, J.Upton, M.Young for Reyes, Harden, W.Davis KC 2008 Traded Haren for Volquez KC 2008 Traded Milledge for 1st MIN 2008 Traded Holland, Tillman for Harden BAL 2013 Traded J.Soler, 1st Rd pick for A.Heaney, J.Gray, A.Craig MIN 2008 Traded Bay and Cain for Greinke, Laporta, Crawford BOS 2008 Traded Harden for D.Holland, Tillman MIN 2012 Traded Wainwright for Ad.Jones MIN 2010 Traded Matusz and Ackley for Ethier, Supp KC
2008   Traded Zimmerman for Beltre BAL 2008 Traded Detwiler for Jeff Weaver LAD 2009 Traded Alexei and Gamel for A.Gordon, Tulo, Heyward, Halman LAD 2008 Traded Dice-K, C.Gonzalez for Uggla, Volstad BAL 2008 Traded C.Davis and a 2nd for Peavy and 3rd MIL 2013 Traded Salazar, C.Martinez for Polanco, 1sts in 15,16,17 LAD 2008 Traded A.Gonzalez and Marcum for Dice-K and B.Anderson BAL 2008 Traded Ellsbury for Jackson and Bowden MIN 2012 Traded Machado and W.Myers for Utley, Sands, Jurrjens, J.Sanchez LAD 2010 Traded Jurrjens for Supp, Betances, CJ Wilson LAD
2008   Traded 1st for Parra MIL 2008 Traded Jeff Weaver, Laroche for C.hart BAL 2009 Traded D.Ortiz for Francoeur LAD 2008 Traded Kendrick for Brignac, 1st BOS 2008 Traded T.Beckham, Hicks, Vazquez, Supp for Berkman BOS 2013 Traded Donaldson, 1st for Cuddyer, 1st MIN 2008 Traded Volquez for Haren MIL 2008 Traded I.Stewart for Hart, Morrow, 5 Supps LAD 2012 Traded Victorino for Arencibia MIN 2011 Traded Crawford and Cueto for Heyward and Cain BOS
2008   Traded BJ Upton for Gordon, Ellsbury BOS 2008 Traded Buchholz for Kershaw, Laporta, 3rd KC 2009 Traded A.Miller and Halman for Gamel LAD 2008 Traded J.Johnson for Jojo Reyes, Jeffress, Detwiler LAD 2008 Traded Jackson and Bowden for Ellsbury BAL 2013 Traded M.Franco for T.Ross MIL 2009 Traded Weeks for a 2nd LAD 2008 Traded A.Gonzalez for Hosmer and Loney BOS 2013 Traded J.Parker for T.Walker KC 2012 Traded Heyward and Hultzen for Braun LAD
2008   Traded Jojo Reyes, Jeffress, Detwiler for J.Johnson LAA 2008 Traded C.Gomez, Triunfel for Shields, McCutchen LAD 2009 Traded Scherzer and Heyward for Hanson ATL 2008 Traded C.Young for Bumgarner BOS 2009 Traded L.Anderson for 3rd (3-way) BOS/LAD 2013 Traded G.polanco for Crick and Soler MIN 2009 Traded Laporta and Dukes for Moustakas and Milledge LAD 2009 Traded Nolasco and Supp for McCutchen BOS 2014 Traded Darvish, Wheeler, T.Walker, A.Jackson for K.Bryant, A.Russell LAD 2013 Traded Grandal and Ackley for Lindor LAA
2008   Traded Ellsbury and Loney for Ad.Jones, Teheran BOS 2008 Traded Laporta, Supp for Greinke BAL 2009 Traded M.Bradley for Hochevar CHI 2008 Traded B.Butler for Garza, Hardy, J.McDonald LAD   Traded Milledge for I.Stewart LAD 2014 Traded J.Gray, 1st Rd for C.Gonzalez, 1st Rd BAL 2009 Traded Milledge, 2nd and supp for Fowler LAD 2009 Traded Villalona for Garza and Arrieta LAA 2014 Traded C.Frazier for Verlander BOS   Traded C.Lee and Pujols for Sabathia, P.Fielder MIN
2008   Traded Masterson for 3rd BOS 2008 Traded Kershaw for Ad.Jones, F.Morales LAD 2009 Traded M.Young for M.Ordonez CHI 2008 Traded Markakis for Ad.Jones, Frenchy, Gallagher, Hughes LAD 2009 Traded L.Morrison, 2 3rds for W.Flores, Supp, 5th LAD 2014 Traded C.Gonzalez, Dahl for Trumbo, Stephenson ATL 2009 Traded Haren, Crawford, Fowler, Lawrie for Wright, Ethier, Choo LAD 2009 Traded Garza for C.Santana LAD 2015 Traded Hamilton for Souza MIN 2014 Traded Trumbo, Stephenson for C.Gonzalez, Dahl PIT
2008   Traded Garza, Hardy, J.McDonald for B.Butler LAA 2008 Traded Dunn, Bannister for Roberts, 3rd BAL 2009 Traded Maybin for C.Davis and a 4th LAD 2008 Traded Heyward for Teheran, E.Beltre, Markakis, Triunfel LAD 2009 Traded Ellsbury for Delmon LAA 2014 Traded N.Cruz for M.Perez BAL 2009 Traded Wright, Tex, Porcello for Longoria, Berkman, 1st MIN 2009 Traded Zimmerman for Hicks, Supp BOS 2015 Traded Adam Jones and #6 Supp for Desmond and #10 Supp BOS 2014 Traded B.Hamilton for Stephenson, A.Gordon LAD
2008   Traded H.Ramirez for Tulo, Delmon, Hughes MIN 2008 Traded C.Hart for Rios MIL 2009 Traded Friedrich and BJ Upton for Pedroia and Buchholz KC 2009 Traded Jeffress and Supp for Jurrjens   2009 Traded I.Stewart for A.Miller LAD 2014 Traded Stephenson for M.Moore LAD 2009 Traded Granderson, Drabek, 1st for Garza and Supp ATL 2009 Traded C.Santana for Dukes and Flowers LAD 2015 Traded Votto for A.Cobb BOS 2014 Traded C.Gonzalez for Syndergaard, J.Nelson MIL
2008   Traded Ad.Jones, Frenchy, Gallagher, Hughes for Markakis LAA 2008 Traded Kazmir for Gordon, Moustakas MIN 2009 Traded C.Davis, Pedroia, Gamel, 1st for Reynolds, Weeks, Fowler LAD 2009 Traded Garza and Arrieta for Villalona BAL 2009 Traded Cano for Soriano (3-way) BOS/LAD 2014 Traded Simmons, Weaver, Heaney, Soler for Castro, Salazar, Tapia, and Alcantara  LAD 2009 Traded Pedroia and Buchholz for BJ Upton and Friedrich MIL 2009 Traded Furcal for Alderson and Hardy LAA 2015 Traded C.Santana, Marco Gonzales for Singleton, Margot LAD 2014 Traded Harvey and Meadows for Wainwright, Longoria, Berrios, Latos MIN
2008   Traded Dumbon for Fowler BOS 2008 Traded Brignac, 1st for Kendrick LAA 2010 Traded J.Johnson and Buchholz for Halladay BOS 2009 Traded Markakis for Sheets, Anibal, Dumbon, Milledge, Vazquez, 2 3rds, Supp (3-way) BOS/LAD 2009 Traded Longoria, Berkman, 1st for Wright, Tex, Porcello KC 2014 Traded Sandoval for Napoli, Ottavino MIL 2009 Traded Holliday for Heyward MIN 2009 Traded McLouth for D.Brown and M.Taylor LAD 2015 Traded Desmond for S.Castro, B.Snell, Brett Phillips, #2 Pick MIN 2015 Traded Rodon and #2 for Tanaka and #15 BAL
2008   Traded Kemp and A.Gordon for Moustakas and Feliz BOS 2008 Traded Gordon, Ellsbury for BJ Upton LAD 2010 Traded Scheppers for Salty LAD 2009 Traded Votto for lackey BOS 2009 Traded A.Miller and Wright for Markakis and Zimmerman BOS 2014 Traded Masterson for Liriano MIL 2010 Traded Posey for Ubaldo LAD 2009 Traded Hosmer for Melville LAA 2015 Traded T.Frazier, Cashner for Dickerson, Kolek, K.Tucker PIT 2015 Traded Salty for A.Walker MIL
2008   Traded P.Fielder and Fowler for C.Davis and Hart MIL 2008 Traded Kendrick for Supp BAL 2010 Traded 1st for 2 Supps MIN 2009 Traded Milledge for Butler LAD 2009 Traded Mauer for Braun, Garza, and R.Martin BOS 2014 Traded M.Carpenter for J.Lake MIL 2010 Traded BJ Upton and Ubaldo for McCutchen, Hosmer, and Pineda LAD 2009 Traded Tillman and Supp for Porcello BOS 2015 Traded Pollock, Honeywell, and Br. Phillips for Cueto, Wheeler, and Happ BOS 2015 Traded Devers for K.Davis, 2nd PIT
2008   Traded Teheran, E.Beltre, Markakis, Triunfel for Heyward LAA 2008 Traded Bumgarner for C.Young LAA 2010 Traded 2nd (#15) and Supp for 1st (#2) ATL 2009 Traded J.McDonald for Adenhart and Auction Cash LAD 2009 Traded Braun, Porcello, R.Martin, 2nd for Mauer BOS 2014 Traded W.Myers for J.Donaldson MIN 2010 Traded Pineda for M.Montero BOS 2009 Traded Hicks for Soriano MIN 2016 Traded Snell and #1 pick for S.Marte BAL 2016 Traded Benintendi for D.Tate, W.Contreras MIN
2008   Traded C.Hart, Morrow, 5 Supps for I.Stewart BAL 2008 Traded Ad.Jones, Teheran for Ellsbury and Loney LAD 2010 Traded G.Beckham for Supp and Billingsley LAD 2009 Traded Delmon for Ellsbury MIN 2009 Traded Howard, Kinsler, Harden for Kershaw, Braun, Pedroia, 1st LAD 2014 Traded S.Castro for deGrom, Aybar MIN 2010 Traded Ethier, Supp for Matusz, Ackley ATL 2009 Traded Price for Montero, Hicks, 1st MIN 2016 Traded D.Swanson for Conforto BAL 2016 Traded Syndergaard for D.Norris, Glasnow, Ozuna, Y.Gomez, '19 1st LAD
2008   Traded F.Freeman and 4th for A.Gordon BOS 2008 Traded 3rd for Masterson LAD 2010 Traded Reynolds for A.Gonzalez BOS 2009 Traded Alderson and Hardy for Furcal BAL 2009 Traded Soriano for Hicks BAL 2014 Traded T.Ross, JD Martinez for Odor, Archer, Shields BAL 2010 Traded Braun and Montero for Sizemore, R.Delgado, and Posey LAD 2010 Traded Hicks for Supp LAD 2016 Traded Castellanos, 2018 1st for Schwarber LAA 2016 Traded Cano, Dahl for Liriano, Kipnis BOS
2009   Traded 2nd for R.Weeks KC 2008 Traded BJ Upton for Posey, Soriano MIL 2010 Traded Garza for Burnett MIN 2009 Traded Bruce and Jurrjens for Laporta, I.Stewart, C.Gonzalez, and a 2nd LAD 2009 Traded Braun and Pedroia for Howard, Kinsler, Heyward LAD 2014 Traded Kolek for D.Santana MIL 2011 Traded Greinke and J.Upton for C.Gonzalez and Latos BOS 2010 Traded Supp for J.Sanchez LAD 2016 Traded Brinson for #1 pick TEX 2016 Traded Nobody for Olivera, Heaney LAA
2009   Traded I.Stewart for Milledge MIN 2008 Traded Harden for Duchscherer and Laporta BAL 2010 Traded Halladay and Carpenter for Verlander and Morrow MIN 2009 Traded Werth for McLouth and T.Beckham BOS 2009 Traded J.Montero, Hicks, 1st for Price BAL 2014 Traded Bethancourt for Ozuna LAA 2011 Traded Hosmer, Montgomery, M.Perez for Hanson, Profar, McNutt, Supp LAD 2010 Traded Porcello for Tillman, A.Jackson LAD 2016 Traded Cueto for Cano in 4-way LAA 2016 Traded Y.Gomes for Segura PIT
2009   Traded A.Gordon, Tulo, Heyward, Halman for Alexei and Gamel MIL 2008 Traded Greinke, Laporta, Crawford for Bay and Cain KC 2010 Traded Rasmus and Hanson for Gallardo LAD 2009 Traded Melville for Hosmer BAL 2010 Traded Heyward for Holliday KC 2014 Traded Arrieta and Rosario for W.Myers and Mesoraco MIL 2011 Traded C.Gonzalez, Cain, Chipper for F.Hernandez, Rasmus, Volquez BOS 2010 Traded McCutchen and D.Brown for Wieters and Starlin LAD 2017 Traded Desmond for Quintana PIT 2016 Traded Segura for D.Gordon MIL
2009   Traded Moustakas and Milledge for Laporta and Dukes KC 2008 Traded Fowler for Dumbon LAD 2010 Traded Fielder and Hellickson for Kershaw and Smoak LAD 2009 Traded Figgins for Aramis LAD 2010 Traded 2 Supps for 1st MIL 2014 Traded Odor for D.Gordon, H.Harvey, Lawrie LAD 2011 Traded Longoria, Grady, Delgado, G.Sanchez, Odorizzi for Hosmer, Both Monteros, Panda, Hart LAD 2010 Traded Sandoval for BJ Upton LAD 2017 Traded Lester for Senzel and a 2nd PIT 2016 Traded Kipnis for Ad.Jones, deGrom MIN
2009   Traded Melville and 3rd for Dumbon (3-way) BOS/MIN 2008 Traded Moustakas and Feliz for Kemp and A.Gordon LAD 2011 Traded A.Gonzalez, Gallardo, Volquez for Howard, Greinke BOS 2009 Traded Youkilis for Alcides LAD 2010 Traded Peavy, Hunter, Supp for Burnett LAA 2015 Traded Lawrie for Os. Arcia MIN 2011 Traded Lincecum, Snider for Stanton, J.Garcia, S.Miller, Rendon BOS 2010 Traded Supp for Archer LAD 2017 Traded Zimmerman, Verlander for Martes, Honeywell PIT 2016 Traded Duffy in 4-way for Cueto CHI
2009   Traded W.Flores, Supp, 5th for L.Morrison, 2 3rds MIN 2008 Traded Berkman for T.Beckham, Hicks, Vazquez, Supp MIN 2011 Traded Smoak for T.Wheeler and Ogando LAD 2009 Traded Ellsbury for Zobrist   2010 Traded Burnett for Garza MIL 2015 Traded Ozuna for A.Jackson and Renfroe LAD 2011 Traded A.Bradley and Marcum for B.Starling BOS 2010 Traded Sabathia for Supp, Moustakas, Taillon, Markakis MIN 2017 Traded Cozart for Clevinger MIL 2018 Traded E.Diaz, W.Contreras for Votto, Posey MIL
2009   Traded Fowler for Milledge, 2nd, and Supp KC 2008 Traded A.Gordon for F.Freeman, 4th LAD 2011 Traded Stubbs for Beachy LAD 2010 Traded Lackey for M.Moore, J.De La Rosa BOS 2010 Traded Kershaw, Stanton, Romero, Hicks for Strasburg, Kemp LAD 2015 Traded #3 and Severino for #1, #14, and C.Anderson LAA 2011 Traded D.Ortiz for Pomeranz MIL 2011 Traded J.Montero, Phillips, BJ Upton, Supp for Braun, Sandoval, Espinoza LAD 2017 Traded Cobb for Cease MIN 2018 Traded Ozuna for Bregman MIL/LAD
2009   Traded Kershaw, Feliz, Laporta for Wright BOS 2009 Traded Hosmer and Loney for A.Gonzalez BAL 2011 Traded T.Wheeler, Beachy, Morse, Ramos for Bruce, Avila, hardy LAA 2010 Traded Wieters for Hudson, D.Jennings, Posey LAD 2010 Traded Verlander and Morrow for Halladay and Carpenter MIL 2015 Traded Richards for Y.Ventura and #5 MIL 2011 Traded PTBN for Bruce and PTBN   2011 Traded Braun for Hanley, Lawrie, Hellickson, Myers, BJ Upton LAD 2017 Traded R.Hill for Bukauskas, 2018 2nd MIL 2018 Traded Berrios for Kershaw MIN
2009   Traded C.Santana for Garza BAL 2009 Traded McCutchen for Nolasco and Supp BAL 2011 Traded Rubby for Snider LAD 2010 Traded C.Gonzalez for Bruce LAD 2010 Traded Maybin for Supp LAD 2015 Traded M.Moore, Renfroe, #9 for Pineda, N.Gordon, #11 MIN 2011 Traded Bruce for Asdrubal BAL 2011 Traded Hanley for A.Cabrera, Reynolds, Choice MIN 2017 Traded Verlander for A.Beck MIN 2019 Traded Kershaw for A.Riley, Balazovic, L.Gilbert LAD
2009   Traded 2 3rds Sheets Anibal, Milledge for Kemp (3-way) BOS/LAA 2009 Traded Dumbon for L.Anderson and Melvilles (3-way) LAD/MIN 2011 Traded Pomeranz for D.Ortiz KC 2010 Traded Burnett for Peavy, Hunter, Supp MIN 2010 Traded Supp, Moustakas, Taillon, Markakis for Sabathia BAL 2015 Traded 2017 LAD Supp, Pitt Supp for Reynaldo Lopez, Nomar Mazara LAD 2011 Traded Miggy, Latos, S.Miller for Bruce, Greinke, Konerko, Uggla BOS 2011 Traded Zobrist, W.Myers, Moustakas for Shields CHI 2017 Traded Acuna for MadBum LAD 2020 Traded deGrom for I.Anderson, Biggio, Aquino, J.Gray, Carrasco MIL
2009   Traded Francoeur for D.Ortiz MIL 2009 Traded Wright for Kershaw, Feliz, Laporta LAD 2011 Traded J.Hamilton, G.Gonzalez for I.Kennedy and A.Gordon CHI 2010 Traded B.Butler and Arencibia for M.Moore and J.Lamb BOS 2011 Traded Sale and Mejia for Ad.Jones LAA 2015 Traded D.Gordon, Touki for Kinsler, Manaea MIL 2011 Traded Stanton, A.Cabrera, Hanson for Castro, Ellsbury, J.Bell, Taillon BAL 2011 Traded Asdrubal for Bruce KC 2018 Traded L.Weaver for Arrieta MIL 2020 Traded Balazovic for Kepler MIN
2009   Traded Butler for Milledge LAA 2009 Traded Hicks and Supp for Zimmerman BAL 2011 Traded Avila, Bruce, O'Flaherty for Lincecum, Venters BOS 2010 Traded Chacin for Tabata and I.Davis LAD 2011 Traded Teixeira for Morneau and Supp LAD 2015 Traded deGrom for Betts LAA 2012 Traded Rasmus for Snider and Banuelos MIL 2011 Traded Alvarez for Howard BOS 2018 Traded MadBum for M.Keller, K.Tucker PIT 2020 Traded Carrasco and L.Gilbert for Z.Wheeler and Rizzo BOS
2009   Traded Dukes and Flowers for C.Santana BAL 2009 Traded Kershaw and Neftali for Lawrie, Haren LAD 2011 Traded Lincecum for Price MIN 2010 Traded Posey for Freeman, D.Brown, Mesoraco, Arencibia LAD 2011 Traded M.Moore and K.Gibson for A.Chapman LAA 2015 Traded Finnegan for Kolek LAA 2012 Traded J.Montero for W.Myers and Z.Lee LAD 2011 Traded S.Castro, Ellsbury, J.Bell, Taillon for Stanton, A.Cabrera, Hanson KC 2018 Traded Arrieta for K.Robinson, L.Urias MIN 2021 Traded CJ Abrams for N.Cruz, Patino MIL
2009   Traded Gamel for A.Miller and Halman MIL 2009 Traded Kemp for Markakis and a 2nd (3-way) LAD/LAA 2011 Traded Howard and Greinke for A.Gonzalez and Sano BOS 2010 Traded J.Bautista for Romero LAD   Traded Hanley for J.Upton and M.Perez LAD 2015 Traded W.Rosario for Al.Ramirez MIL 2012 Traded M.Montero, Profar, B.Starling, Konerko for Lester, Ackley, Marcum, Berkman BOS 2012 Traded Pence for Machado and Supp LAD 2019 Traded Cano and right to swap picks for T.Anderson LAA 2020 Traded Riley, I.Anderson, Patino for Yelich PIT/LAD
2009   Traded D.Ortiz, L.Morrison, Garza for Smoak ATL 2009 Traded Lackey for Votto LAA 2011 Traded Utley for Paxton, Supp LAD 2010 Traded Supp for McGehee and Supp LAD 2011 Traded Howard and Segura for Teixeira, M.Moore, N.Feliz LAD 2015 Traded Shields for L.Cain MIN 2012 Traded T.Snider for Minor BOS 2012 Traded Lawrie and Cole for C.Gonzalez, Alvarez, M.Perez LAD 2019 Traded Future Considerations (Florial) for A.Barnes MIL 2020 Traded Yelich for Muncy, Pache, Waters LAD
2009   Traded Adenhart and Auction Cash for J.McDonald LAA 2009 Traded Soriano for McLouth and Kazmir (3-way) MIN/LAD 2011 Traded Sands for T.Walker and Stubbs LAD 2010 Traded T.Beckham and Wallace for Soto CHI 2011 Traded Feliz, Chapman, Garza, Supp for Ubaldo, Sale LAD 2015 Traded 2015 2nd for MIL 2016 2nd MIL 2012 Traded Pomeranz and Banuelos for Marisnick LAD 2012 Traded J.Zimmermann for Archer MIL 2019 Traded Mize, Kieboom, 1st for B.Rodgers, G.Canning, 1st KC
2009   Traded Wright, Ethier, Choo for Haren, Crawford, Fowler, Lawrie KC 2009 Traded V.Martinez for R.Martin, 2nd, 3rd LAD 2011 Traded Sano for S.Miller LAA 2011 Traded Ad.Jones for Sale and Mejia MIN 2011 Traded Castellanos for Reynolds and Arencibia LAD 2015 Traded Dickerson, Kolek, K.Tucker for T.Frazier, Cashner CHI 2012 Traded Minor for Pomeranz and Banuelos LAD 2013 Traded Bruce for Cole and Pence BOS 2019 Pick swap for Garver, Vazquez, 2021 2nd LAA
2009   Traded A.Miller for I.Stewart MIN 2009 Traded Laporta for Alexei LAD 2012 Traded Snider and Banuelos for Rasmus KC 2011 Traded Hughes, Pineda for Chapman LAD 2011 Traded A.Cabrera, Reynolds, Choice for Hanley BAL 2015 Traded Cain for Richards MIL 2012 Traded Starlin, Greinke, Ackley for Tulo and Wright BOS 2013 Traded Howard for Eaton MIL 2019 Traded J.Bruce for Braun MIN
2009   Traded Haren, Lawrie for Kershaw, Neftali BOS 2009 Traded Markakis and Zimmerman for Wright and A.Miller MIN 2012 Traded Tulowitzki for Reyes and Bauer BOS 2011 Traded M.Moore for Konerko LAD 2011 Traded Goldschmidt and Arenado for Clippard LAA 2015 Traded Salazar for Freeman BOS 2012 Traded Lester for Latos BOS 2013 Traded Cole and Supp for 2 Supps MIN 2019 Traded Kepler for J.Rodriguez, Bruce MIN
2009   Traded D.Brown and M.Taylor for McLouth BAL 2009 Traded Braun, Garza, and R.Martin for Mauer MIN 2012 Traded T.Walker and Supp for Supp LAA 2011 Traded A.Chapman for M.Moore and K.Gibson MIN 2011 Traded Price for Lincecum MIL 2015 Traded Archer for Gallo, A.Reyes, Margot LAD 2012 Traded Taillon and Marisnick for J.McDonald and Yelich LAD 2013 Traded 2nd in 2014, 1st in 2015 for Starling LAA 2019 Traded Montas for A.Reyes BAL
2009   Traded McLouth for Cano (3-way) MIN/BOS 2009 Traded 2010 2nd for DeLaRosa and a 2011 1st LAD 2012 Traded Choo for A.Bradley BOS 2011 Traded M.Minor for Leake, Porcello, B.Jackson LAD 2012 Traded Ad.Jones for Wainwright CHI 2015 Traded Betts for J.Upton, Gausman BOS 2012 Traded S.Perez for Konerko BOS 2013 Traded Stanton, Soler, Weaver for Sale LAA 2019 Traded Clevinger for Pollock, Kiriloff BAL
2009   Traded R.Martin, 2nd, 3rd for V.Martinez BOS 2009 Traded Mauer for Braun, Porcello, R.Martin, and a 2nd MIN 2012 Traded Freese for Romero BOS 2011 Traded Sale for Scheppers, Segura, I.Davis LAD 2012 Traded Sale and Yelich for Lindor LAA 2015 Traded K.Davis, 2nd for Devers ATL 2013 Traded F.Hernandez, W.Myers, Gausman for Greinke, Taveras, Bauer BOS 2014 Traded C.Gonzalez, 1st for J.Gray, 1st PIT 2019 Traded B.Wilson, Voit, D.German, Witt Jr for G.Torres LAA
2009   Traded Alexei for Laporta BOS 2009 Traded McLouth and T.Beckham for Werth LAA 2012 Traded Archer for J.Zimmermann BAL 2011 Traded D.Brown, Pineda, Freeman, Lamb for Prince, Hughes, Maybin, Sands, Z.Lee LAD 2012 Traded Arencibia for Victorino CHI 2015 Traded J.Upton for Matz, Cain, J.Ross MIL 2013 Traded Yelich for Morrow MIL 2014 Traded Alvarez, J.Pederson for Tanaka KC 2020 Traded J.Rodriguez, B.McKay for W.Buehler LAA
2009   Traded C.Davis and a 4th for Maybin MIL 2009 Traded Porcello for Tillman and Supp BAL 2012 Traded S.Miller and Viciedo for Me.Cabrera LAA 2011 Traded P.Fielder for G.Sanchez, Pineda, Phillips LAD 2012 Traded J.Upton for P.Fielder and T.Walker LAD 2015 Traded Gallo, Y.Ventura for C.Davis LAD 2013 Traded Ellsbury and Morrow for Gordon and Fried BOS 2014 Traded M.Perez for N.Cruz PIT 2020 Traded Cease and swap of 1st (2022 at earliest- to benefit LAA) LAA
2009   Traded Crawford, Cano, Flowers for Heyward, 2nd ATL 2009 Traded Heyward, Cain, Lawrie, and Castro for F.Hernandez LAD 2012 Traded Romero for Arenado LAD 2011 Traded Konerko and Rendon for A-Rod, Turner, Lindor BOS 2012 Traded T.Walker and L.Cain for Gallardo LAA 2016 Traded C.Davis, J.Ross for Mazara, Polanco, DeLeon, B.Bradley LAD 2013 Traded Tulo, McCutchen, Panda, Colon for Yelich, Reyes, Tijuan, Aa.Sanchez BOS 2014 Traded Appel for De.Norris, M.Taylor MIN 2020 Traded L.Lynn for D.Garcia MIN
2009   Traded V.Martinez for E.Andrus CHI 2009 Traded Latos, Jurrjens, Supp for C.Santana, Lawrie, C.Carter LAD 2012 Traded A.Gordon for D'Arnaud BOS 2011 Traded Romero and Gamel for Montgomery, Delgado, Skaggs LAD 2012 Traded N.Feliz and Lindor for E.Andrus LAD 2016 Traded Polanco for Yelich, Robles LAD 2013 Traded T.Walker for J.Parker CHI 2014 Traded Odor, Archer, Shields for Ross, JD Martinez PIT 2020 Traded K.Jansen for JJ Bleday TEX
2009   Traded H.Rondon for Salty ATL 2010 Traded Halladay for J.Johnson and Buchholz MIL 2012 Traded Reyes, Bauer, J.Zimmermann for J.Upton and Medlen BOS 2011 Traded Clippard for Goldschmidt and Arenado MIN 2012 Traded O.Tavarez and Lincecum for J.Johnson BOS 2016 Traded #6 pick for Kimbrel LAA 2013 Traded D.Wright, Bauer for C.Gomez, D.Ortiz, B.Lawrie BOS 2014 Traded Samardzija for Appel, Conforto MIN 2020 Traded Senzel, Soler, N.Marte for Rendon PIT
2009   Traded Laporta, I.Stewart, C.Gonzalez, 2nd for Bruce and Jurrjens LAA 2010 Traded M.Moore, De La Rosa for Lackey LAA 2013 Traded Eaton for Howard BAL 2011 Traded Bruce, Avila, Hardy for T.Wheeler, Beachy, Morse, Ramos MIL 2012 Traded Kinsler, Tex, Dahl, 1st for J.Johnson PIT 2016 Traded Richards for Moore, Kemp MIN 2013 Traded Yelich, B.Anderson for K.Bryant, Stroman BOS 2015 Traded Tanaka and #15 for Rodon and #2 ATL 2020 Traded J.Dominguez, K.Robinson, 2021 1st for Baez LAA
2009   Traded DeLaRosa and a 1st (2011) for a 2nd (2010) BOS 2010 Traded A.Gonzalez for Reynolds MIL 2013 Traded Ar.Ramirez for Eovaldi LAD 2011 Traded Bumgarner for Alvarez, S.Miller BOS 2013 Traded Rosario, Story, 2nd for Mauer, 1st PIT 2016 Traded Semien, Kimbrel for Martes, Dahl BOS 2014 Traded Tanaka for J.Pederson, Alvarez BAL 2015 Traded BAL 2016 1st for S.Greene, MIN 2016 1st MIN 2021 Traded D.Garcia for J.Abreu LAA
2009   Traded Reynolds, Weeks, Fowler for C.Davis, Pedroia, Gamel, 1st MIL 2010 Traded D.Wright for Starlin, Hosmer, M.Perez LAD 2013 Traded Weeks and N.Cruz for Kinsler and Olt PIT 2012 Traded Pineda for Rizzo, D.Brown LAD 2013 Traded J.Johnson and Supp for Supp PIT 2016 Traded T.Turner for Segura MIN 2014 Traded A.Russell, Aa.Sanchez, J.Reyes, Hurdle for Bogaerts, Zimmer, Matusz, Yost BOS 2015 Traded Machado, Odorizzi, Schwarber for Heyward, Alvarez, A.Rosario  LAD 2021 Traded Betts, Kiriloff, G.Torres for Trout, Turnbull, Kaprielian MIN
2009   Traded Aramis for Figgins LAA 2010 Traded Starlin for C.Gonzalez LAD 2013 Traded C.Gomez for Rasmus, R.De La Rosa LAD 2012 Traded S.Miller for Sano MIL 2013 Traded Wacha for Supp PIT 2016 Traded DeLeon, 2nd for Hanley MIL 2014 Traded Lawrie, Pederson for Cespedes, Tapia LAD 2015 Traded Shields for Hoffman KC 2021 Traded Arraez for Future Considerations MIL
2009   Traded Alcides for Youkilis LAA 2010 Traded M.Montero for Pineda KC 2013 Traded Morrow for Yelich KC 2012 Traded Lindor for Sale and Yelich MIN 2013 Traded H.Bailey and Supp for Supp MIL 2016 Traded Hanley for Ramos, Bour MIN 2014 Traded Tapia for Shipley LAD 2016 Traded S.Marte for Snell, #1 pick CHI 2021 Traded Rendon for Syndergaard MIN
2009   Traded Kershaw, Braun, Pedroia, 1st for Howard, Kinsler, Harden MIN 2010 Traded Lamb and M.Moore for B.Butler and Arencibia LAA 2013 Traded Ortiz and Yoenis for Bautista and Syndergaard BOS 2012 Traded Supp for T.Walker and Supp MIL 2013 Traded 2 Supps for Cole and Supp BAL 2016 Traded Robles for Wacha LAA 2014 Traded D.Ortiz for Mondesi Jr LAD 2016 Traded Conforto for D.Swanson CHI 2021 Traded Musgrove for A.Martin, G.Mitchell, K.Robinson PIT
2009   Traded F.Hernandez for Heyward, Cain, Lawrie, and Castro BOS 2010 Traded Sizemore, Butler, Reynolds, Pineda for Latos, Wright, Smoak LAD 2013 Traded Supp for H.Bailey and Supp MIN 2012 Traded Mesoraco, M.Perez, Alvarez for Anibal, Avila, Luebke LAD 2013 Traded P.Fielder and Sabathia for C.Lee and Pujols ATL 2016 Traded M.Moore for Smyly MIN 2014 Traded Greinke for S.Miller LAD 2016 Traded 1st for Odorizzi LAA 2021 Traded B.Rodgers and Baz for N.Marte and E.Hancock PIT
2009   Traded Howard, Kinsler, Heyward for Braun and Pedroia MIN 2010 Traded Smoak for W.Myers and S.Miller LAD 2013 Traded Medlen, R.De La Rosa for Cingrani BOS 2012 Traded T.Walker and Yelich for J.Montero and Bichette Jr LAD 2013 Traded A.Craig, J.Gray, A.Heaney for J.Soler, 1st Rd Pick PIT 2016 Traded Pineda for Y.Alvarez MIL 2014 Traded Bryant, Alvarez, A.Gordon for Stanton, D.Ortiz LAD 2016 Traded 2nd, Y.Alvarez for 1st, 2nd MIL 2021    
2009   Traded C.Santana, Lawrie, C.Carter for Latos, Jurrjens, Supp BOS 2010 Traded Werth for Bautista LAD 2013 Traded Paxton for Rasmus LAA 2012 Traded Arenado, Delgado, Supp for E.Longoria LAD 2013 Traded Cuddyer, 1st Rd Pick for Donaldson, 1st Rd Pick PIT 2016 Traded Mazara for Archer, Honeywell LAD 2014 Traded Latos for Bauer MIL 2017 Traded Sale for A.Reyes and Renfroe PIT
2010   Traded Supp for Hicks BAL 2011 Traded Konerko for C.Young LAD 2013 Traded Verlander for Marisnick and Sano BOS 2012 Traded Teheran for Gallardo, Pineda, Springer, Supp LAD 2013 Traded Ubaldo for Pomeranz LAA 2016 Traded Segura for Y.Gomes ATL 2014 Traded Hamels and Crisp for Urias and J.Upton BOS 2017 Traded Altuve for Moncada, Dahl, 2018 Pit 1st BAL
2010   Traded Ubaldo for Posey KC 2011 Traded C.Gonzalez and Latos for Greinke and J.Upton KC 2013 Traded Sano, J.Upton, Marisnick for C.Davis LAD 2012 Traded Me.Cabrera for S.Miller and Viciedo MIL 2013 Traded Crick, Soler for G.Polanco PIT 2016 Traded 1st for Richards MIN 2014 Traded J.Upton for W.Myers MIN 2017 Traded Abreu, Kluber, JD Martinez, 2019 1st for LAA's 2018 1sts LAA
2010   Traded Posey, Jennings, Hudson for Wieters LAA 2011 Traded Ackley for Utley LAD 2013 Traded Yelich, Kinsler for Pedroia, Cespedes BOS 2012 Traded Goldschmidt, Barnes, Masterson for G.Sanchez, Castellanos, Fried, Mesoraco, Supp BOS 2014 Traded Glasnow, Urias, 1st for C.Santana BOS 2016 Traded 4th Pick for D.Travis LAA 2014 Traded Posey and Stroman for J.Hoffman, S.Perez, F.Freeman BOS 2017 Traded Pollock for Kingery, Y.Alvarez PIT
2010   Traded Salty for Scheppers MIL 2011 Traded J.Upton, W.Myers for Howard, Rasmus, Vizcaino, Supp LAD 2013 Traded C.Martinez for Arenado PIT 2012 Traded Gallardo for T.Walker and L.Cain MIN 2014 Traded C.Seager, Alfaro for McCann LAD 2017 Traded A.Reyes and Renfroe for Sale BAL 2015 Traded Urias, C.Gomez, Y.Ventura for F.Hernandez, Kemp MIL 2017 Traded Yadier Alvarez for T.Trammell LAD
2010   Traded J.Sanchez for Supp BAL 2011 Traded Howard, Greinke for A.Gonzalez, Gallardo, Volquez MIL 2013 Traded Price, Beltre for F.Hernandez, L.Martin LAA 2012 Traded Beachy for Teheran LAD 2014 Traded C.Santana for 1st Rd Pick (MN) BOS 2017 Traded Quintana for Desmond TEX 2015 Traded D.Ortiz and Zimmer for E.Rodriguez and K.Stewart BOS 2018 Traded Albies for Odor, Rizzo, Godley, Rosario, 5 1sts LAD
2010   Traded Bruce for C.Gonzalez LAA 2011 Traded F.Hernandez, Rasmus, Volquez for C.Gonzalez, Cain, Chipper KC 2013 Traded Bautista, d'arnaud for C.Gomez BOS 2012 Traded D.Jennings for Hultzen and Lindor LAD 2014 Traded McCann for a swap of picks at end of rd 1 MIL 2017 Traded Moncada, Dahl, 2018 Pit 1st for Altuve BAL 2015 Traded K.Stewart for MIN Supp MIN 2019 Traded Rizzo, M.Gore, and Hoerner for K.Muller MIL
2010   Traded Supp and Billingsley for G.Beckham MIL 2011 Traded Votto and Machado for Lester and Stanton CHI 2013 Traded C.Gomez for Zimmer LAD 2013 Traded Lindor for Grandal and Ackley ATL 2014 Traded J.Nelson for A.Gonzalez MIL 2017 Traded Devers for J.Upton (3-way) KC/MIN 2015 Traded DJ Lemahieu for M.Montgomery LAA 2019 Traded A.Reyes for Montas CHI
2010   Traded Tillman and A.Jackson for Porcello BAL 2011 Traded Gallardo for Chacin LAD 2013 Traded T.Ross for M.Franco PIT 2013 Traded Teheran for Taillon, Cingrani LAD 2014 Traded Beede for Cingrani LAA 2017 Traded Gausman for Kimbrel, Puig TEX 2015 Traded Keuchel, F.Hernandez, Kemp for Harvey, Arcia MIN 2020 Traded K.Marte for M.Gore PIT
2010   Traded Starlin, Hosmer, M.Perez for Wright BOS 2011 Traded A-Rod, Turner, Lindor for Konerko, Rendon LAA 2014 Traded Pedroia, Zimmer, C.Davis for M.Cabrera, Kinsler, Bauer BOS 2013 Traded M.Moore, Andrus, Fried for Profar, Encarnacion, J.Zimmermann, Starling BOS 2014 Traded Kemp, 1st Rd Pick (Bucs) for Latos MIL 2017 Traded Senzel, 2nd for Lester CHI 2015 Traded Cespedes, Gausman, Freeman for McCutchen, Encarnacion BOS 2020 Traded B.Lowe for B.Witt Jr LAA
2010   Traded C.Gonzalez for Starlin BOS 2011 Traded Stanton, J.Garcia, S.Miller, Rendon for Lincecum, Berkman, Snider KC 2014 Traded Cingrani, Burnett for S.Miller LAA 2013 Traded Cingrani, T.Walker, Sano for F.Hernandez, M.Montero BOS 2014 Traded J.Fernandez for Harper MIL 2017 Traded C.Santana for 2nd LAA 2015 Traded E.Rodriguez, Rendon for J.Donaldson BOS 2021 Traded G.Rodriguez for K.Lewis MIL
2010   Traded Wieters and Starlin for McCutchen and D.Brown BAL 2011 Traded Snider for Uggla and N.Castellanos LAD 2014 Traded S.Miller, Cespedes, McCann, M.Franco for BJ Upton, Wacha LAD 2013 Traded Starling for 1st in 2015, 2nd in 2014 BAL 2014 Traded De.Norris, M.Taylor for Appel BAL 2017 Traded Martes, Honeywell for Verlander, Zimmerman CHI 2015 Traded Hoffman for Shields BAL 2021 Traded Hoskins for C.Carroll and B.Davis PIT
2010   Traded McCutchen, Hosmer, Pineda for Ubaldo and BJ Upton KC 2011 Traded Heyward and Cain for Crawford and Cueto ATL 2014 Traded Napoli, Ottavino for Sandoval PIT 2013 Traded Rasmus for Paxton MIL 2014 Traded Polanco, Correa, H.Harvey for Cueto, Sano BOS 2017 Traded Kingery, Y.Alvarez for Pollock BAL 2016 Traded G.Stanton, Allard for Arrieta, J.Upton MIL
2010   Traded Strasburg, Kemp for Kershaw, Stanton, Romero, Hicks MIN 2011 Traded B.Starling for A.Bradley and Marcum KC 2014 Traded Liriano for Masterson PIT 2013 Traded Sale for Stanton, Soler, Weaver BAL 2014 Traded J.Donaldson for W.Myers PIT 2017 Traded Stroman for F.Whitley, M.Olson MIN 2016 Traded J.Peralta for D.Peralta BOS
2010   Traded Latos, Wright, Smoak for Sizemore, Butler, Reynolds, Pineda BOS 2011 Traded Lincecum, Venters for Avila, Bruce, O'Flaherty MIL 2014 Traded J.Lake for M.Carpenter PIT 2013 Traded Stanton for J.Upton, A.Wood, Gomez LAD 2014 Traded deGrom, Aybar for S.Castro PIT 2017 Traded Sale, Pollock for Springer, Ray, Greinke MIL 2016 Traded Olivera for Whitley, Flaherty, and option to swap 1sts (LAD pick) LAA
2010   Traded Tabata and I.Davis for Chacin LAA 2011 Traded Bruce, Konerko, Uggla, Greinke for Miggy, Latos, S.Miller KC 2014 Swapped picks at end of 1st for McCann MIN 2013 Traded Soler and Springer for Beltran and Corbin PIT 2014 Traded Appel, Conforto for Samardzija BAL 2017 Traded L.Castillo, B.Rodgers for Blackmon LAD 2016 Traded Harvey for Greinke, Benintendi MIN
2010   Traded W.Myers and S.Miller for Smoak BOS 2011 Traded A.Gonzalez and Sano for Howard and Greinke MIL 2014 Traded J.Castro, H.Bailey for Mesoraco LAD 2013 Traded C.Gomez, K.Bryant for Bruce and Medlen BOS 2014 Traded W.Myers for J.Upton KC 2018 Traded Yelich for K.Tucker, M.Keller LAD 2016 Traded J.Lamb for C.Fulmer MIL
2010   Traded Gallardo for Rasmus and Hanson MIL 2011 Traded Haren for Ackley LAD 2014 Traded A.Gonzalez for J.Nelson MIN 2013 Traded J.Upton, Weaver, and Lowrie for Springer PIT 2014 Traded Wainwright, Longoria, Berrios, Latos for Harvey and Meadows ATL 2018 Traded Puig for Gausman TEX 2016 Traded Hosmer for Salazar BOS
2010   Traded Freeman, D.Brown, Mesoraco, Arencibia for Posey LAA 2011 Traded Latos, bauer, Avila for Fielder, Minor, Salty LAD 2014 Traded Bauer for Latos KC 2013 Traded F.Hernandez, L.Martin for Price, Beltre MIL 2014 Traded Os.Arcia for Lawrie PIT 2018 Traded Gausman for Haniger MIL 2016 Traded Arrieta for Syndergaard MIL
2010   Traded Supp, Betances, CJ Wilson for Jurrjens ATL 2011 Traded Howard for Alvarez BAL 2014 Traded Latos for Kemp, 1st Rd Pick (Bucs) MIN 2013 Traded Profar, Beltran for L.Sims, Owens, Marisnick, Gallo LAD 2014 Traded Cole, Samardzija, Meadows, Renfroe for Darvish LAD 2018 Traded Keller, K.Tucker for MadBum CHI 2016 Traded E.Encarnacion for Hosmer BOS
2010   Traded BJ Upton for Sandoval BAL 2011 Traded Alvarez and S.Miller for Bumgarner LAA 2014 Traded B.Harper for J.Fernandez MIN 2013 Traded Beltre for AJ Cole, CJ Edwards, L.Heredia, A.Garcia LAD 2014 Traded Hanley, Anibal, K.Stewart for Greinke BOS 2018 Traded Archer, Haniger, Whitley for Syndergaard KC 2016 Traded JoDo, C.Martinez, 2nd for Bregman, Hamels, M.Franco, 1st MIN
2010   Traded Kershaw and Smoak for Fielder and Hellickson MIL 2011 Traded P.Fielder, Chacin for Haren, Latos, Bauer, Freeman LAD 2014 Traded Syndergaard, J.Nelson for C.Gonzalez ATL 2013 Traded Pomeranz for Ubaldo MIN 2015 Traded Souza for Hamilton CHI 2018 Traded Ray, W.Castillo for Realmuto, J.Sheffield, Adell MIN 2017 Traded J.Upton for KC pick, M.Moore (3-way) PIT/MN
2010   Traded R.Romero for Bautista LAA 2012 Traded Montgomery for Skaggs LAD 2014 Traded W.Myers and Mesoraco for Arrieta and Rosario PIT 2014 Traded Corbin, Giolito for Bautista, Glasnow BOS 2015 Traded Pineda, N.Gordon, #11 for M.Moore, Renfroe, #9 PIT 2018 Traded K.Ruiz for Bieber, Mejia LAD 2017 Traded 1st for D.Murphy LAA
2010   Traded Archer for Supp BAL 2012 Traded Lester, Ackley, Marcum, Berkman for M.Montero, Profar, Starling, Konerko KC 2014 Traded Desmond, Paxton for A.Miller, Tulowitzki BOS 2014 Traded S.Miller for Cingrani, Burnett MIL 2015 Traded Grandal to LAD for PIT 1st round pick LAD 2018 Traded Bieber for Y.Alvarez, A.Sanchez LAD 2017 Traded M.Moore for Rutherford MIN
2010   Traded McGehee and Supp for Supp LAA 2012 Traded Reyes, Bauer for Tulowitzki MIL 2014 Traded D.Santana for Kolek PIT 2014 Traded Springer, D.Brown for Soler, Betts, M.Franco, Gallo, Ozuna LAD 2015 Traded S.Greene and Twins 1st in 2016 for BAL 2016 1st BAL 2018 Traded Springer, E-Rod, Adell, Eovaldi for Cole, Kopech KC 2017 Traded Greinke for Allard, 2nd MIL
2010   Traded Bautista for Werth BOS 2012 Traded Minor for T.Snider KC 2014 Traded Puig for Springer LAD 2014 Traded Kipnis for Pedroia, Wisler BOS 2015 Traded MIN Supp for K.Stewart KC 2018 Traded Altuve, W.Ramos for W.Franco, Kiriloff, Paddack MIN 2017 Traded S.Miller for Quantrill MIN
2010   Traded Supp for Maybin MIN 2012 Traded A.Bradley for Choo MIL 2015 Traded Wacha, A.Guerrero, Kolek, 2nd for E.Encarnacion LAA 2014 Traded Cingrani for Beede MIN 2015 Traded S.Castro, B.Snell, Brett Phillips, #2 Pick for Desmond CHI 2019 Traded Paddack, Woodruff for J.Hicks, S.Marte MIL 2017 Traded S.Gray for Brinson, Kopech TEX
2011   Traded Belt, Werth, Kipnis, Hicks, Espinoza for Chapman and Leake CHI 2012 Traded Crawford for Pence and R.Liriano LAD 2015 Traded F.Hernandez, Kemp for Urias, C.Gomez, Y.Ventura KC 2014 Traded Ozuna for Bethancourt PIT 2015 Traded L.Cain for Shields PIT 2019 Traded MadBum for D.Murphy, Reynaldo Lopez MIN 2017 Traded D.Murphy for Groome, Kipnis, 2018 2nd MIN
2011   Traded G.Beckham, Butler, Stanton, Chisenhall for Morneau, Utley, Supp CHI 2012 Traded Tulo and Wright for Starlin, Greinke, Ackley KC 2015 Traded Y.Ventura, #5 for G.Richards PIT 2014 Traded Encarnacion for Wacha, A.Guerrero, Kolek, 2nd  MIL 2015 Traded Harvey, Arcia for Keuchel, F.Hernandez, Kemp KC 2019 Traded Kiriloff for Alvarado, Kelenic MIN 2017 Traded Devers, Gohara for Cole, B.Rodgers LAD
2011   Traded Chapman for Hughes, Pineda LAA 2012 Traded Latos for Lester KC 2015 Traded Liriano for 2nd rd pick LAD 2015 Traded #1, #14, and C.Anderson for Severino and #3 PIT 2015 Traded Cueto, J.Upton for Cespedes BOS 2019 Traded Y.Alvarez, Biggio, M.Olson, Mejia, D.Santana for Sale, M.Gore, Rizzo MIL 2018 Traded Bregman, Mejia for Devers, Wentz, J.Sanchez LAD
2011   Traded Morneau and Supp for Teixeira MIN 2012 Traded Romero for Freese MIL 2015 Traded Kinsler and Manaea for D.Gordon, Touki PIT 2015 Traded J.Pederson for B.Hamilton, Heaney, Schwarber LAD 2015 Traded F.Hernandez, A.Espinoza, 2nd for Price BOS 2019 Traded Z.Gallen for 1st MIL 2018 Traded Syndergaard for Archer, Haniger, Whitley PIT
2011   Traded C.Young for Konerko BOS 2012 Traded G.Sanchez, Castellanos, Fried, Mesoraco, Supp for Goldschmidt, Barnes, Masterson LAA 2015 Traded Kimbrel, Sandoval for W.Davis, Ellsbury BOS 2015 Traded Betts for deGrom PIT 2015 Traded A.Gonzalez for Meadows, G.Sanchez LAD 2019 Traded Syndergaard for Heliot, D.Garcia, Carlson MIN 2018 Traded Cole, Kopech for Springer, E-Rod, Adell, Eovaldi PIT
2011   Traded Konerko for M.Moore LAA 2012 Traded J.Johnson for Lincecum, O.Taveras MIN 2015 Traded Al.Ramirez for W.Rosario PIT 2015 Traded Kolek for Finnegan PIT 2016 Traded D.Tate, W.Contreras for Benintendi ATL 2020 Traded Sale for MadBum and Luciano MIN 2019 Traded W.Myers for M.Chapman MIL
2011   Traded Sizemore, R.Delgado and Posey for Braun and Montero KC 2012 Traded Konerko for S.Perez KC 2015 Traded A.Walker for Salty ATL 2015 Traded LAA 2016 2nd for B.Lawrie BOS 2016 Traded Manaea for Bregman LAA 2020 Traded Kelenic, Story and Deivi for Correa, Yordan MIL 2019 Traded B.Rodgers, G.Canning, 1st for Mize, Kieboom, 1st CHI
2011   Traded Teixeira, M.Moore, N.Feliz for Howard and Segura MIN 2012 Traded D'arnaud for A.Gordon MIL 2015 Traded E.Encarnacion, C.Gomez for Ad.Jones, Votto BOS 2015 Traded M.Montgomery for DJ Lemahieu KC 2016 Traded Moore, Kemp for Richards PIT 2020 Traded McMahon for Mountcastle and Stroman MIN 2019 Traded Merrifield for Chavis MIL
2011   Traded Leake, Porcello, B.Jackson for M.Minor LAA 2012 Traded Starlin, Crawford, Bogaerts, Hansen for J.Upton, Cole, C.Santana, Syndergaard, Marisnick LAD 2015 Traded Lawrie for Top 3 protected 16/17 open 18 BOS 2015 Traded Price, Boxberger for Whitley, C.Frazier, Giolito, Kimbrel BOS 2016 Traded Segura for T.Turner PIT 2020 Traded M.Gore for K.Marte BAL 2019 Traded future considerations for W.Myers MIL
2011   Traded Scheppers, Segura, I.Davis for C.Sale LAA 2012 Traded J.Upton and Medlen for Reyes, Bauer, J.Zimmermann MIL 2015 Traded 2016 2nd for 2015 PIT 2nd PIT 2015 Traded Bautista for Heaney, Paxton, highest 2nd BOS 2016 Traded Ramos, Bour for Hanley PIT 2020 Traded Luciano, Carlson, Blackmon for Yelich LAA 2019 Traded Bauer and M.Manning for Kluber, Verdugo LAA
2011   Traded Utley for Ackley BOS 2013 Traded Cole and Pence for Bruce BAL 2015 Traded Richards for Cain PIT 2015 Traded G.Bird for A.Jones MIL 2016 Traded Greinke, Benintendi for Harvey KC 2020 Traded W.Franco for deGrom BOS 2020 Traded 2021 1st, M.Chapman, Liberatore for Nola and 2022 1st LAA
2011   Traded Howard, Rasmus, Vizcaino, Supp for J.Upton, W.Myers BOS 2013 Traded Greinke, Taveras, Bauer for F.Hernandez, W.Myers, Gausman KC 2015 Traded A.Jones for G.Bird LAA 2015 Traded C.Martinez for J.Mateo, Alfaro, 2018 1st LAD 2016 Traded Smyly for M.Moore PIT 2020 Traded Semien for Liberatore LAA 2020 Traded J.Bell for Corbin BOS
2011   Traded Ubaldo, Sale for Feliz, Chapman, Garza, Supp MIN 2013 Traded Lincecum for Bogaerts LAD 2015 Traded Miggy, McCann for Hanley, Posey BOS 2016 Traded deGrom, Glasnow, JP Crawford for Correa, A.Blair, Odorizzi BOS 2016 Traded Sano, Harvey for Stanton, D.Herrera MIL 2020 Traded Gregorius for A.Martin, R.Greene TEX 2020 Traded Buxton for I.Happ, A.Lacy, 2021 1st MIN
2011   Traded Braun, Sandoval, Espinoza for J.Montero, Phillips, BJ Upton, Supp BAL 2013 Traded Rosenthal for A.Hansen LAD 2015 Traded Da.Norris for Corbin, Odorizzi LAD 2016 Traded Ad.Jones for Velasquez, Br. Phillips LAD 2016 Traded Dozier for B.Bradley MIL 2020 Traded Rendon for Senzel, Soler, N.Marte CHI 2021 Traded X.Bogaerts for Correa and Liberatore PIT
2011   Traded P.Fielder, Hughes, Maybin, Sands, Z.Lee for D.Brown, Pineda, Freeman, J.Lamb LAA 2013 Traded Profar, Encarnacion, J.Zimmermann, Starling for M.Moore, Andrus, Fried LAA 2015 Traded W.Davis, Odorizzi for Hamels BOS 2016 Traded Mateo for T.Anderson, Judge, A.Rosario LAD 2016 Traded AJ Reed, Skaggs, Meadows for Miggy BOS 2021 Traded Greinke for Paxton, 1st MIN 2021 Traded Nola for Singer and Torkelson BOS
2011   Traded Reynolds and Arencibia for Castellanos MIN 2013 Traded Syndergaard and Bautista for Papi and Yoenis MIL 2015 Traded Matz, Cain, J.Ross for J.Upton PIT 2016 Traded Kimbrel for #6 pick PIT 2016 Traded Richards for 1st PIT 2021 Traded Suarez for T.McKenzie MIN
2011   Traded Hanson, Profar, McNutt, Supp for Hosmer, Montgomery, M.Perez KC 2013 Traded F.Hernandez, M.Montero for Cingrani, T.Walker, Sano LAA 2016 Traded A.Miller for W.Davis BOS 2016 Traded Whitley, Flaherty, option to swap 1sts (LAD Pick) for Olivera KC 2016 Traded Bregman, Hamels, Franco, 1st for JoDo, C.Martinez, 2nd KC 2021 Traded Correa and Liberatore for X.Bogaerts KC
2011   Traded T.Wheeler and Ogando for Smoak MIL 2013 Traded Cingrani for Medlen, R.De La Rosa MIL 2016 Traded Arrieta, J.Upton for G.Stanton, Allard KC 2016 Traded Bregman for Manaea MIN 2016 Traded Harper for Kershaw, A.Miller MIL 2021 Traded Yelich for Arenado, Patino ATL/LAD
2011   Traded J.Upton and M.Perez for Hanley MIN 2013 Traded A.Gordon and Fried for Ellsbury and Morrow KC 2016 Traded Judge, Hader for Samardzija LAD 2016 Traded D.Travis for C.Allen BOS 2016 Traded LAD 1st, MN 1sts 2018-2020 for Groome TEX 2021 Traded R.Greene for Winker BOS
2011   Traded Phillips, G.Sanchez, Pineda for P.Fielder LAA 2013 Traded B.Shipley for J.Singleton LAD 2016 Traded Votto, Hamels, Bird for Rizzo LAA 2016 Traded Rizzo for Votto, Hamels, Bird MIL 2016 Traded deGrom and Ad.Jones for Kipnis ATL 2021 Traded Yordan for C.Carroll, K.Robinson, R.Lewis LAA
2011   Traded Hosmer, Both Monteros, Panda, Hart for Longoria, Grady, Delgado, G.Sanchez, Odorizzi   KC 2013 Traded Marisnick and Sano for Verlander MIL 2016 Traded Hanley for DeLeon, 2nd PIT 2016 Traded Olivera, Heaney for Nobody ATL 2017 Traded M.Moore, KC 2nd for Devers (3-way) PIT/KC 2021 Traded K.Robinson, G.Mitchell, A.Martin for Musgrove CHI
2011   Traded Hanley, Lawrie, Hellickson, Myers, BJ Upton for Braun BAL 2013 Traded Pedroia, Cespedes for Yelich, Kinsler MIL 2016 Traded 1st,2nd for Y.Alvarez, 2nd BAL 2016 Traded Finnegan for 2nd BOS 2017 Traded Rutherford for M.Moore KC 2021 Traded G.Cole for Berrios, T.Rogers, Brujan MIN
2011   Traded Chacin for Gallardo BOS 2013 Traded Bruce, Medlen for C.Gomez, K.Bryant LAA 2016 Traded Stanton, D.Herrera for Sano, Harvey MIN 2016 Traded Odorizzi for 1st BAL 2017 Traded Quantrill for S.Miller KC 2021 Traded Freeman for Belt, F.Alvarez, and Beaty MIN
2011   Traded Beachy for Stubbs MIL 2013 Traded Yelich, Reyes, T.Walker, Aa.Sanchez for Tulo, McCutchen, Panda, Colon KC 2016 Traded C.Fulmer for J.Lamb KC 2016 Traded Wacha for Robles PIT 2017 Traded Groome, Kipnis, 2018 2nd for D.Murphy KC 2021 Traded N.Marte and E.Hancock for B.Rodgers and Baz Chi
2011   Traded Montgomery, Delgado, Skaggs for Romero and Gamel LAA 2013 Traded C.Gomez for Bautista, D'arnaud MIL 2016 Traded B.Bradley for Dozier MIN 2016 Traded Schwarber for Castellanos, 2018 1st CHI 2017 Traded Cease for Cobb CHI 2021 Traded Stroman for A.Thomas MIN
2011   Traded N.Castellanos and Uggla for Snider BOS 2013 Traded M.Moore for C.Gomez, M.Sano, B.Lawrie LAD 2016 Traded Tulowitzki, Maeda for Barreto, Travis BOS 2016 Traded Soler for Yordano BOS 2017 Traded A.Beck for Verlander CHI 2021 Traded C.Carroll and B.Davis for Hoskins BAL
2011   Traded Snider for Rubby MIL 2013 Traded D.Ortiz, C.Gomez, B.Lawrie for D.Wright, Bauer KC 2016 Traded Choo for McCann BOS 2016 Trade Hamels, 1st for E.Jimenez, B.Bradley MIN 2017 Traded F.Whitley and M.Olson for Stroman PIT      
2011   Traded Paxton, Supp for Utley MIL 2013 Traded C.Santana for Glasnow, Urias, 1st MIN 2016 Traded Y.Alvarez for Pineda PIT 2016 Traded Desmond, Nola for Soler, Vlad Jr. J.Ross, A.Espinoza BOS 2017 Traded Darvish, Price, Bour, W.Calhoun for Goldy TEX
2011   Traded Ackley for Haren BOS 2013 Traded K.Bryant, Stroman for Yelich, B.Anderson KC 2016 Traded Rizzo, Sano for Syndergaard, C.Davis LAD 2016 Traded D.Travis for 4th Pick PIT 2018 Traded Alfaro, Alcantara, Sixto for Realmuto LAD/LAA
2011   Traded P.Fielder, Minor, Salty for Latos, Bauer, Avila BOS 2014 Traded Glasnow, Bautista for Corbin, Giolito LAA 2016 Traded Syndergaard for Arrieta KC 2016 Traded Cano for Dozier in 4-way MIL 2018 Traded Realmuto, Adell, J.Sheffield for W.Castillo, Ray PIT
2011   Traded T.Walker and Stubbs for Sands MIL 2014 Traded M.Cabrera, Kinsler, Bauer for Pedroia, C.Davis, Zimmer MIL 2016 Traded D.Travis for R.Lopez BOS 2017 Traded C.Correa, 2018 LAA pick for Sano, G.Torres, Nola LAD 2018 Traded C.Martinez, T.Turner for Machado MIL
2011   Traded Haren, Latos, Bauer, Freeman for P.Fielder, Chacin BOS 2014 Traded A.Russell, Aa.Sanchez, J.Reyes, Hurdle for Bogaerts, Zimmer, Matusz, Yost KC 2016 Traded Kershaw, A.Miller for Harper MIN 2017 Traded D.Murphy for KC 1st KC 2018 Traded Kiriloff, W.Franco, Paddack for Altuve, W.Ramos PIT
2012   Traded Rizzo, D.Brown for Pineda LAA 2014 Traded 1st Rd Pick (MN) for C.Santana MIN 2016 Traded D.Gordon for Segura ATL 2017 Traded Votto, Hendricks for Barreto, Reynaldo, Taijuan, 2018 1st MIL 2019 Traded Kershaw for Berrios ATL
2012   Traded Utley, Sands, Jurrjens, j.Sanchez for Machado and W.Myers CHI 2014 Traded W.Peralta, J.Singleton for A.Cobb LAD 2016 Traded Dozier for D.Duffy in 4-way ATL 2017 Traded 2nd for C.Santana PIT 2019 Traded L.Urias, K.Robinson for Arrieta CHI
2012   Traded Skaggs for Montgomery BOS 2014 Traded Aa.Sanchez, Reyes for Beltre LAD 2017 Traded Allard, 2nd for Greinke KC 2017 Traded 14th pick for T.Beckham MIL 2019 Traded Reynaldo, D.Murphy for MadBum PIT
2012   Traded W.Myers and Z.Lee for J.Montero KC 2014 Traded C.Davis, Urias for F.Freeman LAD 2017 Traded de Leon for T.Walker LAD 2017 Traded all 2018 1sts for Kluber, JD Martinez, Abreu, 2019 1st BAL 2019 Traded Goldschmidt for Correa, R.Guzman, L.Garcia LAD
2012   Traded Machado and Supp for Pence BAL 2014 Traded W.Myers for J.Upton, H.Bailey, Wisler LAD 2017 Traded Barreto, Reynaldo, Taijuan, 2018 1st for Votto, Hendricks LAA 2017 Traded Dozier for Knebel, Dickerson MIL 2019 Traded JoDo, Joc for Pollock MIL
2012   Traded Anibal, Avila, Luebke for Mesoraco, M.Perez, Alvarez LAA 2014 Traded Pedroia, Wisler for Kipnis LAA 2017 Traded T.Beckham for 14th pick LAA 2017 Traded Vlad Jr for Soroka, N.Williams, Verdugo, 2018 1st  LAD 2019 Traded Kelenic, Alvarado for Kiriloff PIT
2012   Traded Marisnick for Pomeranz and Banuelos KC 2014 Traded C.Santana, Suarez, A.Russell for Greinke, Reyes, Urias LAD 2017 Traded Clevinger for Cozart CHI 2018 Traded Reynaldo for Alfaro, Adams, and Alcantara MIN/LAD 2019 Traded Braun for J.Bruce CHI
2012   Traded Pence and R.Liriano for Crawford BOS 2014 Traded Urias, J.Upton for Hamels, Crisp KC 2017 Traded Knebel, C.Dickerson for Dozier LAA 2018 Traded Robles for Buehler, Sixto, Yelich, Andujar LAD 2019 Traded J.Rodriguez and Bruce for Kepler CHI
2012   Traded J.Montero, Bichette Jr for T.Walker and Yelich LAA 2014 Traded Cueto, Sano for H.Harvey, Polanco, Correa MIN 2017 Traded Bukauskas, 2018 2nd for R.Hill CHI 2018 Traded Sixto for Segura MIL 2019 Traded L.Gurriel for Rosario LAA
2012   Traded Longoria for Arenado, Delgado, Supp LAA 2014 Traded Tulowitzki, A.Miller for Desmond, Paxton MIL 2017 Traded Springer, Ray, Greinke for Sale, Pollock PIT 2019 Traded T.Anderson for Cano and right to swap picks CHI 2019 Traded LaStella, W.Smith, H.Dozier for Sano LAA
2012   Traded Pomeranz and Banuelos for Minor KC 2014 Traded McHugh, Polanco, H.Harvey for Teheran, Bruce, Margot, Kingham LAD 2017 Traded Bellinger for Machado LAD 2019 Traded Rosario for L.Gurriel MIN 2019 Traded Kiriloff and Pollock for Clevinger CHI
2012   Traded Gallardo, Pineda, Springer, Supp for Teheran LAA 2014 Traded Verlander for C.Frazier CHI 2018 Traded Arrieta for L.Weaver CHI 2019 Reversed pick swap for Garver, Vazquez, 2021 2nd CHI 2019 Traded Rosario and a 2nd for Robles BOS
2012   Traded Braun for Heyward and Hultzen ATL 2014 Traded Greinke for Hanley, Anibal, K.Stewart MIN 2018 Traded Haniger for Gausman PIT 2019 Traded Sano for LaStella, W.Smith, H.Dozier MIN 2019 Traded D.Garcia, Carlson, Heliot for Syndergaard PIT
2012   Traded C.Gonzalez, Alvarez, M.Perez for Lawrie and G.Cole BAL 2014 Traded Freeman, S.Perez, J.Hoffman for Posey, Stroman KC 2018 Traded Votto, Posey for W.Contreras, E.Diaz ATL 2019 Traded M.Andujar, R.Iglesias for Betances, Yates TEX 2019 Traded Verlander and Correa for T.Turner and Severino MIL
2012   Traded J.McDonald and Yelich for Taillon and Marisnick KC 2015 Traded Teheran and Margot for Wheeler and Pedroia LAD 2018 Traded Harper,Pivetta for L.Castillo, Severino, Ozuna LAD/ATL 2019 Traded G.Torres for Witt, L.Voit, B.Wilson, D.German CHI 2019 Traded Mountcastle and Stroman for R.McMahon PIT
2012   Traded P.Fielder and T.Walker for J.Upton MIN 2015 Traded E.Rodriguez and K.Stewart for D.Ortiz and K.Zimmer KC 2018 Traded Segura for Sixto LAA 2019 Traded Kluber, Verdugo for Bauer, M.Manning KC 2020 Traded Cespedes for D.Garcia MIL
2012   Traded Arenado for Romero MIL 2015 Traded Desmond, #10 Supp for Adam Jones and #6 Supp CHI 2018 Traded W.Contreras for Foltynewicz LAD 2019 Traded M.Muncy for Chisholm LAD 2020 Traded MadBum and Luciano for Sale PIT
2012   Traded Andrus for N.Feliz and Lindor MIN 2015 Traded Cobb for Votto CHI 2018 Traded Machado for T.Turner, C.Martinez MIN 2020 Traded W.Buehler for B.McKay and J.Rodriguez CHI 2020 Traded Kepler for Balazovic ATL
2012   Traded Teheran for Beachy LAA 2015 Traded W.Davis, Ellsbury for Kimbrel, Sandoval MIL 2019 Traded J.Hicks, S.Marte for Paddack, Woodruff PIT 2020 Traded Yelich for Luciano, Carlson, Blackmon PIT 2020 Traded Altuve, Robles, C.Kelly for Judge LAA
2012   Traded Hultzen and Lindor for D.Jennings LAA 2015 Traded Ad.Jones, Votto for E.Encarnacion, C.Gomez MIL 2019 Traded M.Chapman for W.Myers KC 2020 Traded B.Witt Jr for B.Lowe BAL 2020 Traded S.Huff for Twins 2020 1st back TEX
2012   Traded J.Upton, Cole, C.Santana, Syndergaard, Marisnick for Starlin, Crawford, Bogaerts, A.Hansen BOS 2015 Traded top 3 protected in 16/17 open 18 for B.Lawrie MIL 2019 Traded Pollock for JoDo, Joc MIN 2020 Traded Nola and 2022 1st for 2021 1st, M.Chapman, Liberatore KC 2020 Traded I.Happ, A.Lacy, 2021 1st for Buxton KC
2013   Traded Jennings and I.Davis for BJ Upton PIT 2015 Traded Lawrie for 2016 LAA 2nd LAA 2019 Traded K.Muller for M.Gore, Rizzo, Hoerner BAL 2020 Traded Lourdes for Cease and Swap 1sts (2022 at earlies) CHI 2020 Traded C.Carroll, Varsho, A.Chapman for Garver LAA
2013   Traded Eovaldi for Ar.Ramirez MIL 2015 Traded Giolito, Kimbrel, Whitley, C.Frazier for Price, Boxberger LAA 2019 Traded A.Barnes for future considerations (Florial) CHI 2020 Traded 2022 2nd for Cespedes MIL 2020 Traded D.Garcia for L.Lynn CHI
2013   Traded Bogaerts for Lincecum BOS 2015 Traded Heaney, Paxton, highest 2nd for Bautista LAA 2019 Traded Paddack for A.Mondesi TEX 2020 Traded Garver for Carroll, Varsho, A.Chapman MIN 2021 Traded P.Lopez for Semien BOS
2013   Traded Taillon, Cingrani for Teheran LAA 2015 Traded McCutchen, Encarnacion for Cespedes, Gausman, Freeman KC 2019 Traded Chavis for Merrifield KC 2020 Traded Liberatore for Semien PIT 2021 Traded Paxton and a 1st for Greinke PIT
2013   Traded A.Hansen for Rosenthal BOS 2015 Traded C.Gomez, Mazara for Liriano, Blackmon LAD 2019 Traded W.Myers for future considerations KC 2020 Traded Soroka for J.Downs, T.Grisham LAD 2021 Traded T.McKenzie for E.Suarez PIT
2013   Traded R.De La Rosa and Rasmus for C.Gomez MIL 2015 Traded Posey, Hanley for Miggy, McCann MIL 2019 Traded Sale, Gore, Rizzo for Y.Alvarez, Biggio, M.Olson, Mejia, D.Santana PIT 2020 Traded Altuve and 2023 2nd for Bart and M.Keller BOS 2021 Traded Winker for C.Javier BOS
2013   Traded A.Simmons for J.Montero PIT 2015 Traded Freeman for Salazar PIT 2019 Traded 1st for Z.Gallen PIT 2020 Traded M.Chapman and M.Manning for Groshans and Verdugo BOS 2021 Traded Trout, Turnbull, Kaprielian for Betts, G.Torres, Kiriloff CHI
2013   Traded Singleton for B.Shipley BOS 2015 Traded Cespedes for Cueto, J.Upton MIN 2019 Traded Severino and T.Turner for Verlander and Correa MIN 2020 Traded Baez for J.Dominguez, K.Robinson, 2021 1st CHI 2021 Traded J.Duran for F.Alvarez MIL
2013   Traded C.Davis for J.Upton, Sano, Marisnick MIL 2015 Traded Price for F.Hernandez, A.Espinoza, 2nd MIN 2019 Traded Correa, Yordan for Story, Kelenic, Deivi PIT 2020 Traded 5th Pick for T.Anderson   2021 Traded Syndergaard for Rendon CHI
2013   Traded J.Upton, Gomez, A.Wood for Stanton LAA 2015 Traded Hamels for W.Davis, Odorizzi MIL 2020 Traded Arenado for I.Anderson, Patino, J.Ramirez LAD 2021 Traded Abreu for D.Garcia CHI 2021 Traded Manoah and Sano for Cronenworth MIL
2013   Traded 1st Rd Pick, M.Franco, Rosenthal for Wacha PIT 2015 Traded J.Upton, Gausman for Betts PIT 2020 Traded Biggio, I.Anderson, Carrasco, Aquino, J.Gray for deGrom ATL 2021 Traded Blackmon and Jeffers for Loaisiga, 2nd  MIL 2021 Traded Berrios, T.Rogers, Brujan for G.Cole PIT
2013   Traded Marisnick, Owens, Gallo, Sims for Profar, Beltran LAA 2015 Traded J.Donaldson for A.Rendon, E.Rodriguez KC 2020 Traded Lamet for Lemahieu BOS 2021 Traded William Contreras for Campusano LAD 2021 Traded Belt, F.Alvarez, and Beaty for F.Freeman PIT
2013   Traded Zimmer for C.Gomez MIL 2015 Traded Cueto, Wheeler, Happ for Pollock, Honeywell, Br.Phillips CHI 2020 Traded deGrom, Mejia for Bauer, Graterol, W.Smith BOS 2021 Traded 2nd for A.Garcia BOS 2021 Traded A.Thomas for Stroman PIT
2013   Traded AJ Cole, CJ Edwards, L.Heredia, A.Garcia for Beltre LAA 2015 Traded Yelich, Br. Phillips for Ozuna, Iglesias CHI 2020 Traded D.Garcia for Cespedes MIN 2021 Traded R.Lewis, C.Carroll, K.Robinson for Y.Alvarez PIT 2021 Traded Mullins, Rendon, Gleyber, McClanahan, 1st for Bieber and C.Seager BOS
2013   Traded E.Butler, M.Adams for J.Upton PIT 2016 Traded W.Davis for A.Miller MIL 2020 Traded Cespedes for 2022 2nd LAA 2021 Traded Grisham, 2nd Swap for Hassell, MIL 1st BOS
2013   Traded G.Polanco, 1sts in 15,16,17 for D.Salazar, C.Martinez PIT 2016 Traded Blackmon, Iglesias, Ozuna for Puig, 2nd round pick, Dom Smith, A.Blair LAD 2020 Traded Cronenworth for 2021 2nd LAD
2013   Traded C.Gomez, M.Sano, B.Lawrie for M.Moore BOS 2016 Traded Correa, Odorizzi, Blair for deGrom, Glasnow, JP Crawford LAA 2020 Traded Ozuna and B.Singer for N.Cruz BOS
2014   Traded BJ Upton, Wacha for Cespedes, S.Miller, McCann, M.Franco MIL 2016 Traded D.Peralta for J.Peralta KC 2020 Traded Laureano for E.Rosario BOS
2014   Traded M.Moore for Stephenson PIT 2016 Traded Glasnow, N.Williams for Y.Ventura LAD 2020 Traded J.Urias for Carrasco and 2021 2nd BOS
2014   Traded McCann for C.Seager, Alfaro  MIN 2016 Traded Liriano, Kipnis for Cano, Dahl ATL 2020 Traded M.Olson and E.Diaz for M.Manning and J.Bell BOS
2014   Traded Cespedes, Tapia for Lawrie, Pederson KC 2016 Traded Puig, V.Robles for C.Martinez, N.Williams LAD 2021 Traded K.Lewis for G.Rodriguez BAL
2014   Traded Shipley for Tapia KC 2016 Traded F.Hernandez, Honeywell for J.Ross, A.Jones LAD 2021 Traded Loaisiga, 2nd for Blackmon, Jeffers LAA
2014   Traded Mondesi Jr for D.Ortiz KC 2016 Traded C.Allen for D.Travis LAA 2021 Traded Castillo, Blackmon, Manning for Ozuna, P.Lopez BOS
2014   Traded Castro, Salazar, Tapia, Alcantara for Simmons, Weaver, Heaney, Soler PIT 2016 Traded Martes and Dahl for Semien, Kimbrel PIT 2021 Trade Kiner-Falefa for the worse of BOS/LAA 2023 2nds BOS
2014   Traded S.Miller for Greinke KC 2016 Traded 2nd for Finnegan LAA 2021 Traded Future Considerations for Arraez CHI
2014   Traded A.Cobb for W.Peralta, J.Singleton BOS 2016 Traded Barreto, Travis for Tulowitzki, Maeda MIL 2021 Traded N.Cruz, Patino for CJ Abrams ATL
2014   Traded Beltre for Aa.Sanchez, Reyes BOS 2016 Traded Yordano for Soler LAA 2021 Traded H.Ynoa for Cronenworth LAD
2014   Traded Ozuna, Betts, Soler, Gallo, M.Franco for Springer, D.Brown LAA 2016 Traded McCann for Choo MIL 2021 Traded F.Alvarez for J.Duran MIN
2014   Traded Stanton, D.Ortiz for Bryant, Alvarez, A.Gordon KC 2016 Traded Miggy for AJ Reed, Skaggs, Meadows MIN 2021 Traded W.Smith, 1st for Gausman, W.Contreras BOS
2014   Traded F.Freeman for C.Davis, Urias BOS 2016 Traded Salazar for Hosmer KC 2021 Traded Cronenworth for Manoah, Sano MIN
2014   Traded Mesoraco for H.Bailey, J.Castro MIL 2016 Traded R.Lopez for D.Travis MIL 2021  
2014   Traded J.Upton, H.Bailey, Wisler for W.Myers BOS 2016 Traded Hosmer for E.Encarnacion KC 2021  
2014   Traded Stephenson, A.Gordon for B.Hamilton ATL 2016 Traded J.Ross, A.Espinoza, Soler, Vlad Jr for Nola, Desmond LAA    
2014   Traded Greinke, Reyes, Urias for Suarez, A.Russell, C.Santana BOS 2019 Traded Robles for Rosario, 2nd MIN
2014   Traded Teheran, Bruce, Kingham, Margot for H.Harvey, Polanco, McHugh BOS 2020 Traded Lemahieu for Lamet MIL
2014   Traded Springer for Puig MIL 2020 Traded W.Smith, Bauer, Graterol for deGrom, Mejia MIL
2014   Traded D.Gordon, Lawrie, H.Harvey for Odor PIT 2020 Traded deGrom for W.Franco PIT
2014   Traded K.Bryant, A.Russell for Darvish, Wheeler, T.Walker, A.Jackson CHI 2020 Traded Corbin for J.Bell KC
2014   Traded Darvish for Cole, Samardzija, Meadows, Renfroe MIN 2020 Traded Bart and M.Keller for Altuve and 2023 2nd LAA
2015   Traded A.Jackson and Renfroe for Ozuna PIT 2020 Traded N.Cruz for Ozuna and B.Singer MIL
2015   Traded Wheeler and Pedroia for Teheran and Margot BOS 2020 Traded Rizzo and Z.Wheeler for Carrasco and L.Gilbert ATL
2015   Traded Heyward, Alvarez, A.Rosario for Machado, Odorizzi, Schwarber BAL 2020 Traded E.Rosario for Laureano MIL
2015   Traded B.Hamilton, Heaney, Schwarber for J.Pederson LAA 2020 Traded Gorshans and Verdugo for M.Chapman and M.Manning LAA
2015   Traded Reynaldo Lopez, Nomar Mazara for 2017 LAD Supp, Pirates Supp PIT 2020 Traded Carrasco and 2021 2nd for J.Urias MIL
2015   Traded LAD 2nd rd pick for F.Liriano MIL 2020 Traded M.Manning and J.Bell for E.Diaz and M.Olson MIL
2015   Traded Singleton, Margot for C.Santana, Marco Gonzales CHI 2021 Traded Semien for P.Lopez MIN
2015   Traded PIT 2015 1st for Grandal MIN 2021 Traded C.Javier for Winker MIN
2015   Traded Blackmon, Liriano for C.Gomez, Mazara BOS 2021 Traded Ozuna, P.Lopez for Manning, Blackmon, L.Castillo MIL
2015   Traded Gallo, A.Reyes, Margot for Archer PIT 2021 Traded Singer and Torkelson for Nola KC
2015   Traded Corbin, Odorizzi for Da.Norris MIL 2021 Traded worse of LAA/BOS 2023 2nds for Kiner-Falefa MIL
2015   Traded Meadows, G.Sanchez for A.Gonzalez MIN 2021 Traded A.Garcia for 2nd LAA
2015   Traded C.Davis for Gallo, Y.Ventura PIT 2021 Traded Paddack for Franmil LAD
2015   Trade Ozuna, Iglesias for Yelich, Br.Phillips BOS 2021 Traded Winker for R.Greene PIT
2015   Traded J.Mateo, Alfaro, 2018 1st for C.Martinez LAA 2021 Traded Gausman, W.Contreras for W.Smith and a 1st MIL
2016   Traded Puig, Dom Smith, A.Blair, 2nd round pick for Blackmon, Iglesias, Ozuna BOS 2021 Traded J.Urias for Bieber LAD
2016   Traded Velasquez, Br. Phillips for Ad.Jones LAA 2021 Traded Hassell and MIL 1st for Grisham, 2nd swap LAA
2016   Traded Mazara, Polanco, DeLeon, B.Bradley for C.Davis, J.Ross PIT 2021 Traded C.Seager and Bieber for Mullins, Rendon, Gleyber, McClanahan, 1st MIN
2016   Traded Y.Ventura for Glasnow, N.Williams BOS
2016   Traded Glasnow, D.Norris, Y.Gomes, '19 1st, Ozuna for Syndergaard  ATL
2016   Traded C.Martinez, N.Williams for Y.Puig, V.Robles BOS
2016   Traded Yelich, Robles for Polanco PIT
2016   Traded Samardzija for Judge, Hader MIL
2016   Traded T.Anderson, Judge, A.Rosario for Mateo LAA
2016   Traded A.Jones and J.Ross for F.Hernandez, Honeywell BOS
2016   Traded Archer, Honeywell for Mazara PIT
2016   Traded Syndergaard, C.Davis for Sano, Rizzo MIL
2016   Traded F.Hernandez, Gallo, Puig, Ventura, Mondesi Jr, O'Neill, Kopech for Bumgarner TEX
2017   Traded Sano, G.Torres and Nola for C.Correa, 2018 LAA pick LAA
2017   Traded T.Walker for de Leon MIL
2017   Traded Verdugo, N.Williams, Soroka, 2018 1st for Vlad Jr LAA
2017   Traded MadBum for Acuna CHI
2017   Traded T.Trammell for Yadier Alvarez BAL
2017   Traded Blackmon for L.Castillo, B.Rodgers PIT
2017   Traded Cole, B.Rodgers for Devers, Gohara KC
2017   Traded Machado for Bellinger MIL
2018   Traded Rizzo, Odor, Godley, Rosario, 5 1sts for Albies BAL
2018   Traded M.Keller, K.Tucker for Yelich PIT
2018   Traded Realmuto, C.Adams for Sixto LAA/MIN
2018   Traded Devers, J.Wentz, J.Sanchez for Bregman, F.Mejia KC
2018   Traded Buehler, Sixto, Andujar, Yelich for Robles LAA
2018   Traded Bieber and F.Mejia for K.Ruiz PIT
2018   Traded A.Sanchez, Y.Alvarez for Bieber PIT
2018   Traded Bregman, L.Castillo, Severino for Harper, PIvetta MIL/ATL
2018   Traded Foltynewicz for Segura MIL
2019   Traded Correa, R.Guzman, L.Garcia for Goldschmidt MIN
2019   Traded A.Riley, Balazovic, L.Gilbert for Kershaw ATL
2020   Traded I.Anderson, Patino, J.Ramirez for Arenado MIL
2020   Traded J.Chisholm for M.Muncy LAD
2020   Traded 2021 2nd for Cronenworth MIL
2020   Traded J.Downs, T.Grisham for Soroka LAA
2021   Traded Campusano for William Contreras LAA
2021   Traded Cronenworth for H.Ynoa MIL
2021   Traded Arenado, Woods-Richardson for Riley, I.Anderson ATL/PIT
2021   Traded Muncy, Waters, Pache for Yelich ATL
2021   Traded Franmil for Paddack BOS
2021   Traded Bieber for J.Urias BOS